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WWE 2K developed by 2K sports is the best selling franchise of realistic wrestling games conceived in 2000. The next gen WWE 2K16 is most probably schedule to release in October 2015. The initial game Smackdown released exclusively for playstation, but now available on Xbox has come a long way with the existing version as WWE 2K 15. However forums are buzz with the new features to be found in WWE 2K16.

WWE 2k16 Features

Features Wishlist Of WWE 2K 16:

1. Authentication with next gen graphics:

You can’t have a real life WWE game without authentic graphics. Players should not only look like their real life characters, they should be made to act and sound like them. Thus WWE 16 needs to be enhanced to suit the high end graphics mode of next generation consoles.

2. Improved commentary:

Most fans have remarked the mundane commentary that is repeated in almost every match. Commentators hold the key to the excitement of a match and some more audio definitely needs to be added to the soundtrack rather than being dull and generic.

3. Improved game play:

WWE 2k16 needs to completely overhaul the gameplay. What seems a WWE professional wrestling match appears more like an exhibition with simulated moves amounting to nothing? Momentum and shifting positions with player movements need to be enhanced till finally resulting in final knockdown moves.

4. Improved story lines:

In order to make WWE resemble the real thing in totality, improved story lines are necessary. From a beginner going through the motions of life situations such as training, enemies, gymnasium sessions till gaining entry in professional ring should feature within the context of the game. There should be a series of titles to win preceding a professional match. Given the right approach these aspects could really enhance the soul of the game to feature a realistic smackdown in WWE 2K16.

5. Improved and specific rosters:

There is simply no point in featuring a whole lot of stars when the characters fail to act like them. Reducing the roster to give way for focussing on the skills of a select elite list would do much for the game by raising its standards. Removing a lesser rated player despite of being a favorite for the likes of a character who will perform perfectly as Randy Orton is exactly what WWE 2K16 needs.

6. Training modules:

As in the Madden games, training modules and facilities such as pre game preparations modes would help players test out character skills and even polish up on them.

7. Resume taunt creation:

This is one feature whose removal has irked a lot of fans. It should be brought back and added to WWE 2K16. Taunts help differentiate a player’s personality and this is what sets players apart from each other. Their own personalized signature style.

8. Improved updates:

What is distinct to the WWE are the weekly changes governing all aspects of the game. Ratings and fan reactions would have a layer being lauded in one game and booed in the next. In order to reflect realism in WWE 2K16, updates should be regularized and resumed.

All said and done WWE 2K has always been a great game. With the above features and improvements in mind 2K sports will be all set to enter the next gen with the release of WWE 2K16 that showcases these features which would no doubt be a big hit among fans.

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