WWE 2K16 Release Date, Features And All Rumor Round Up

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Since the launch of WWE 2K15 versions in the gaming, most of the fans have shown their lots of expectations related to new features in the WWE 2K16 version. Even though there is lots of time remaining for the announcement and launch of new WWE 2K16, but many fans have shared countless numbers of wishlist features updates in different forum sites, social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook. In this article, we have attempted to highlight all such interesting updates of WWE 2K16 in one place including all recent news and updates.

WWE 2K16 Release Date

WWE 2K16 Release Date

WWE 2K16 is the upcoming video game related to wrestling stimulation developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, while published by 2K sports. Visual Concepts and Yuke introduced the game series for both Xbox and Playstations console. The latest game of WWE series, i.e. WWE 2K15 was launched last year on 28th of October.

WWE 2K game series always come in the market with new better version of the game at the end of every year. So it is very much expected that WWE 2K16 version will be release in Q4 2015 most probably in October 2015 month.

WWE 2K16 News Updates:

Motion Capture of the Game Has Begun

Gaming developers involved in the development of WWE 2K16 have confirmed that the motion capture of the new version of 2015 is already started. This news is confirmed by Chase Stevens on Facebook and also Low Ki shared a pic on instgram which hints towards it. Since, WWE wrestlers always tend to remain busy with their regular practice and competition schedules, it would be obvious for 2K to call-up non-wrestlers of WWE to perform different types of activities required to complete the game. Below is one of the Motion Capture image of WWE 2K16 shared by Chase Stevens.

WWE 2K16 Motion Capture Image

Sasha Bank Confirmed In WWE 2K16

Sasha Bank, the NXT Champion of WWE has recently confirmed with the update that she will part of the upcoming WWE 2K16 game. Few weeks ago, a gaming fan asked the champion, was she scanned for WWE 2K16. By replying, she said, “Yes I did” confirming she is going to be in the game.

Sasha Banks Confirmed in WWE 2K16

This update hint the bigger integration of NXT champion for the WWE 2K16 game, along with possibilities for relatively higher developed theme modes for the NXT.

Largest Roster to Come In WWE 2K16

The official Twitter account of WWE 2K also confirmed to one of its gaming fans about the inclusion of largest possible roster in WWE 2K16 Version. With this confirmation we are sure to see countless bigger changes in the latest WWE 2K16 game.

Largest Roster To Come In WWE 2K16

Moreover, a WWE gaming enthusiast commented on this, “WWE 2K14 had the biggest ever roster of varying playable wrestlers, which I observed and enjoyment a lot, while it was cut down to a bit in the 2K15 version. However, I hope that the upcoming WWE 2K16 will have higher roster and that too with higher emphasis over the NXT roster in combination with well-known wrestlers named as Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.”

WWE 2K16 Features: Rumor

Create a Finisher (Rumored Feature)

The first WWE 2K16 rumored and most probably confirmed feature is Create a Finisher feature. Chase Stevens has confirmed that they are working hard to redone all Create a Finisher in the game. He says, “We shoot up until Oct. Their isn’t a move in the book that I haven’t done really. We do 100s of moves a day so it all runs together at the end of the day. The create a finisher is reshot every year because of computer technology getting better by the yr. This yrs game will be tons better then last yrs. 2k didn’t get much time to put the game together last yr after the switch from THQ.

WWE 2K16 To Feature Create A Finisher Mode FB Discussion

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All of these updates highlighted about large numbers of fans expectations and also how game developers are working hard on the game. Moreover, 2K remained highly receptive towards large numbers of feedbacks given consistently by its fans for the latest version as they opened WWE 2K feedback project.

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