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The WWE 2K16 moves which we are going to share below are actually shared at the official WWE 2K forum. Fans have shared huge list of moves but here we are going to share 11 fine moves that can be added in WWE 2K16 to make the game better.

WWE 2K16 Moves

WWE 2K16 Moves [Wishlist]:

1. Forceful Standing Sleeper Hold:

Fans require a new standing sleeper hold for the WWE 2K16 games, if this animation is added in the video game, it will be highly beneficial and would be appreciated by the players.

RKO Move In WWE 2K16

2. Bulldog:

It is obligatory to add a new bulldog to the WWE 2K16 game because the existing bulldog animations would look wacky or old. It is believed that the new bulldog will hit the opponent player in the game so that he roll towards the back.

Bulldog Move In WWE 2K16

3. Spinebusters:

The spinebuster is an amazing move from the legend HHH and you can experience the stunning effects of this strike in the WWE 2K16 Moves with improved graphical animation.

Bulldog Move In WWE 2K16

More spinebusters should be added as the game has inadequate spinebusters that are straight towards the ground. Players are also expecting to see the top quality spinebusters. In addition, the spinebusters offer its own move which is extremely amazing and astounding.

4. The People’s Elbow:

This specific move requires re-animation as the current animation makes it difficult to play the game effortlessly. In the old smackdown game, the gaming people’s elbow is better than the present gaming people’s elbow.

The People Elbow Move In WWE 2K16

5. The Rock Bottom:

Similar to the people’s elbow, the current rock bottom is very poor and it requires re-animation. However, the rock bottom is one of the moves that everyone desires to have in the game and another rock bottom would just be a “cherry on the cake” feature. This amazing move can make the opponent to fall for the pin ultimately.

The Rock Bottom Move In WWE 2K16

6. Running Tackle Beatdown:

This move is indeed a wonderful addition to the WWE 2K16 game. Also, it will avoid everyone who possesses the Lou Theiz Press and Running DDT as their normal running struggle.

Running Tackle Move In WWE 2K16

7. Bow And Arrow: Breaking Point Acquiescence:

This addition to the game would effortlessly serve the inadequate side of ground breaking point acquiescence.

Bow And Arrow: Breaking Point Acquiescence Move In WWE 2K16

8. The Lionsault:

This is one of the best moves of Chris Jericho and it will be amazing to watch him do this move. The Lionsault move was added to this thrilling game a couple of years ago, but was strongly opposed because Jericho usually makes the wires completely bent. So it has become vital to fix this issue.

The Lionsault Move In WWE 2K16

9. Side Bearhug – The Breaking Point Submission:

This wonderful game requires additional side Bearhug to boost the Gameplay.

Side Bearhug – The Breaking Point Submission Move In WWE 2K16

10. Randy Orton – RKO

In both RKO 1 and RKO 2, the animations were less than average in comparison to the other moves of Randy Orton. RKO 1 was still decent in contrast to RKO 2. Now to enhance the look, the game requires new and high standard animation for the same.

RKO Move In WWE 2K16

11. John Cena’s Five:

Everyone likes John Cena as he is one of the well known and astonishing superstar of all time in the WWE. The Five Knuckle Shuffle is his finishing move is very important and fans want to experience this move in, the more reanimated and realistic manner in WWE 2K16.

John Cena's Five Move In WWE 2K16

Source – WWE 2K Forum

Images Source – Photobucket, Tinypic

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