WWE 2K16 Motion Capture Of TNA Wrestler Started?

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It has been confirmed that WWE 2K16 might be featuring motion capture driven from TNA’s Low Ki. As the WWE wrestlers tend to be busy with their schedules, it is absolutely normal for 2K to contract non-WWE wrestlers for mo-cap objectives. Paul Heyman, Cesaro and very few other WWE employees did motion capture for WWE 2K15, as others are too busy on the road. Low Ki has also posted some of his pictures in his Instagram account regarding this.

WWE 2K16 Motion Capture Of TNA Wrestler

One may see the 2K logo on his bodysuit and also the points for the motion capture computer to pick up on. Low Ki did not absolutely confirm he’s working with the WWE 2K16, but it is hardly likely to be NBA 2K16, I guess. Low Ki is most probably modeling for the 2K’s next WWE title.

Low Ki used to work with the WWE as Kaval, but here in TNA he is working as Low Ki. I bet his motion capture role has nothing to do with WWE. Low Ki is simply serving as a model, while 2K capture the wrestler movements for the approaching WWE 2K16 game.

WWE 2K16 is most probably based on the last year pattern. The first picture and video will be coming in the summers. The game will follow this, and most probably be coming in October. The fact that 2K has started preparations has left fans very enthusiastic.

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order