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This time, one of the independent wrestlers performed a suitable type of motion capture task for the upcoming game WWE 2K16. The wrestler’s job has given a hint that the new game will possess a special type of mode referred as create-a-finisher mode. The Indie wrester named as Chase Stevens conducted question and answering session over his Facebook page. During this time, a gaming fan asked Stevens and queried, whether the game WWE 2K16 will add any new moves. In addition, the enthusiast asked about the inclusion of new features or their plans for the game.

Create A Finisher In WWE 2K16?

By replying to the asked questions of WWE 2K16’s fan, Stevens stated, “We shoot up until Oct. Their isn’t a move in the book that I haven’t done really. We do 100s of moves a day so it all runs together at the end of the day. The create a finisher is reshot every year because of computer technology getting better by the yr. This yrs game will be tons better then last yrs. 2k didn’t get much time to put the game together last yr after the switch from THQ.”

WWE 2K16 To Feature Create A Finisher Mode FB Discussion

During the previous year, game designers removed the move of ‘Create A Finisher’ from its WWE 2K15 version. However, many fans are expecting for its return in the upcoming WWE 2K16. Spoken words of Stevens suggested that it is returning to fulfill the expectations of fans. But it is too early for the announcement until official details are out; hence, we have to wait for some time whether this is true or not. Other than this, Stevens suggested that WWE 2K16 would be far better as compared to its previous version because of having higher value of development time this year.

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Other WWE 2K16 Feature Suggestions Over Facebook And Twitter

Excluding the updates related to the expectations of fans for the inclusion of Create a Finisher into the upcoming WWE2K16 version, there are large numbers of news trickles prevailing over the internet. These updates have revealed about several other expectations and suggestions of 2K fans regarding the upcoming WWE series. In fact, 2K has remained receptive towards various feedbacks of its fans for the new WWE2K version. Until now, reports have highlighted about large numbers of suggestions given by gaming enthusiasts over social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

  • One individual wants for the addition of Trish and Lita in WWE2K16, while Stephanie McMohan character in her special Attire of SummerSlam 2014.
  • Another fan suggested including Kane in the new game.
  • Even a fan said, “I am unwilling to hear the yelling of Bill Demott at me in the new 2K16 Game”.
  • One undertaker type of fan posted over the social networking site about his willingness to view all of the eras or incarnations of Underwater in the new version.

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Therefore, with the lots of recommendations, suggestions and willingness of fans, one can rightly say that the release of WWE 2K16 version brings huge excitement.

Source – Chase Stevens FB Page

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