WWE 2K16 First Gameplay Video And More Details Revealed

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The most awaiting news that every wrestling fan was seeking is out. Yes, WWE 2K16 first gameplay video and details have been revealed officially! Last year remained bit difficult for WWE 2K15 with the limitations of console generation transitions. There were numerous hurdles to cross in making the already successful succession of WWE with huge expectations of fans. There were lots of rooms for improvement in previous game, though WWE 2K15 has been enhanced from its previous sequels, yet there left some gaps to fulfill specifically in the roster and feature set. After consenting with each other, 2K and Visual Concepts, they concluded to focus on bridging the content gap while giving more authentic gaming experience.

WWE 2K16 Gameplay Video

In WWE 2K16 the best part is the roster which includes Superstars and Divas with all 120 unique playable characters. By unique they really means unique characters, they will provide an actual different character, not the versions of the same character. If one performer has two distinctive tricks, they would be counted as two characters not one. But the same performer from another era would not be counted among 120. So it is like, Dude Love, Cactus Jack, and Mankind would represent three unique characters, but 90s Triple H and current Triple H would actually be just one. There is no news or confirmation about that era, but we can guess it would be large, you can imagine how big the roster is gonna be for WWE 2K16. It is not a secret anymore that current NXT members will be on the roster.

Another best part is developers have not changed anything they have made previously to match pacing and overall gameplay. Moreover, they have enhanced more “simulation” direction. Movements of the wrestlers have improved, they have included extras moves to show the ability of the wrestlers and chain grappling have also returned in WWE 2K16. Your wrestler’s attribute values will now impact chain grapplers and there can even be ties that can results in breaks or cheap parting shots. Besides, there is an addition of working “grapples” where the initiator can relax and get the stamina back while draining his opponent. It can be a useful game mechanic.

There has always been an issue with the reversals for long. This year it seems they have resolved all the issue once and for all. One will initiate the game with limited stock of reversals, but as one will constantly use them, it will slowly regenerate over time.

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That’s all for WWE 2K16’s big game play additions. Nevertheless, there are some other small additions also, which are much needed in the game or something which 2K15 was missing. Let’s take a look on those extra additions which have been revealed for WWE 2K16:

  • The return of MyCareer with improvisation that will take you to the WWE Hall of Fame.
  • Create the way you like! Create a Diva, Create a Show, Create an Arena, and Create a Championship.
  • Book wrestlers for multiple shows in WWE Universe.
  • Online has been “overhauled”.
  • Commentary team: John “Bradshaw” Layfield joining King and Cole.
  • Ladder, handicap, and tornado tag match types added in.
  • No Loading screens, one can even assault opponent at the entrance.
  • Improved Ref and manager AI.

The gameplay videos and details shared here not revealed in the WWE 2K Youtube channel instead shared by IGN.

WWE 2K16 is schedule to release on 27th October 2015 will be available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4. The game pre-order bonus include two playable characters of Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator (T-800 from Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day) in WWE 2K16.

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order