WWE 2K16 Features And Recent News: New Weapon, Create A Finisher And Lots More

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WWE 2K16 is the most awaited game of this year in the entire series of WWE games. Most of the Wrestling lovers are waiting for the launch of this game, but this game is not officially announced and recent rumours were turned down as fake. But there is lots of information available about this game online. YouTube user JDfromNY206 has provided in-depth detail of this upcoming game. Some of the features were already shared by another youtube user named King Moe. As soon as this has happened, many news sites have started sharing them. According to many rumors, the person who had provided this information has worked as a developer for creating this amazing game. According to some others, this information is fake and a waste of time. Whatever the reality is we don’t know, but here we sharing all features discussed.

WWE 2K16 News And Rumours

There are various features of this game that are described by JDfromNY206 in YouTube video. If this game contains all these features, then it has the potential to become the greatest game of this decade. Even though there are millions of fans that want to play this game as soon as possible, but this game is not officially announced as yet.

WWE 2K16 Features And Recent Rumors:

Brand New Targeting Weapon System for thrilling fight:

There are many flaws in previous WWE games such as players doesn’t react according to the impact on a particular area. For example, if you have targeted limb of your rival fighter then they will react randomly. But in WWE 2K16 you will enjoy quick reactions of your rivals on the particular area where you have targeted. Now you can target any part of your rival’s body, such as the stomach and rival will react on their stomach rather than reacting aimlessly. It has also made way for people to target particular areas of rival’s body by keeping correct position.

Various New Weapons:

There are numerous new weapons are expected to included in this game along with the previous weapons. New special effects of weapon animation have given these weapons very nice looks. You will be able to use these weapons in various WWE fights in this game. You can use Steel Chair, kendo sticks, tables, ladders, sledge hammers, baseball bats and many more weapons that will add excitement into your play. There were many complaints of people that WWE 2K15 are not providing their favorite weapons and that might be the reason why developers have added many new weapons for fulfilling desires of these WWE lovers.

Motion Capture:

With the help of TNA Star Low Ki and Kaval motion capture of WWE 2K16 was completed successfully. In the later stages of development various other stars like Cesaro, Sandow and Chase Stevens have also participated in motion capture providing details of technical moves.

Making A Finisher:

In WWE 2K15 people were not allowed to create divas because customization options were not available in that game. But this might not be the case with WWE 2K16 because it might come with Create-A-Finisher option that will give you right to create divas according to your ways.

WWE 2K16 To Feature Create A Finisher Mode FB Discussion

Perfect Celebration Animation after winning:

In previous versions of this game there were celebrations, but WWE 2K16 will feature new celebration animation. But with this new celebration animation, the winner will receive title belts and prizes. This feature will include the touch of reality into the game and you can clearly see the rewards after completion of the match.

Apt for various platforms:

It is for sure that WWE lovers like to play this game on various platforms and consoles as well. But that was not possible with WWE 2K15 because this was developed under immense pressure of completing work on time. But that is not the case with WWE 2K16 because Marketing Director of WWE (Mr. Bryce Yang) has clearly declared that this game will be compatible with various other platforms as well. That will make it possible for enjoying this game on various platforms without any problem. It is also indicated that this version will also be prepared for the PC platform as well. So, people that possess desktop or laptop can play this game without any problem.

WWE 2K16 For PC

Stamina Will Play Crucial Role in WWE 2K16:

WWE 2K16 might come with three variations of animation based on the stamina of the player. When you have full stamina standard will work. In the second phase, Choke Slam animation showing early signs of fatigue & stamina loss in player. In the last phase, the exertion and superstar barely able to hit the manoeuvre with a near empty bar.

WCW Mode:

It is very likely that WWE 2K16 will also possess WCW mode to make this game as real as it could be.

Increased In CAW (create-a-wrestler) Slots:

In WWE 2K16 create-a-wrestler (CAW) are also expected to get increased. A tweet from WWE 2K Games on twitter hint, 2K is planning to increase the CAW in upcoming WWE 2K16.

WWE 2K16 CAW Slots To Increase

WWE Games tweeted, “We’ll do everything we can to expand in WWE 2K16. We have a great track record of doing what we can with CAW slots,”

All together this game seems to be the perfect game that people were demanding for many years. This game will possess all the qualities such as great animation along with a realistic touch that all the fans were seeking.

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