WWE 2K16 Romoured To Feature In Stone Cold Steve Austin Mode

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order

Fans of WWE are waiting eagerly for the WWE 2K16 game. This month is full of news related to this sensational game, earlier Take Two, proprietor of WWE 2K franchisee, formally announced the release date at their earning report and the row of news continuous when 2K revealed its high advance function, and consecutively GameStop & Amazon, an online game retailer store, listed the WWE 2K16 in its store for pre-order at an affordable rate of $59.99.

WWE 2K16 To Feature In Stone Cold Steve Austin Mode

GameStop uncovers some more exciting features of this magnificent game and defined the game as “High-powered and Hard-hitting Action”. Fans are energized with all the grand news coming from the WWE 2k side, but that is not the closing stage, indeed the beginning of this amazing game. Another rumor according to write-up from What Culture is out to exhilarate the fans stating Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the heart of WWE 2K16, this cannot be taken as a simple rumor as this statement is said by Jerry Lawler, when he was interviewed on the Memphis Cerrito Live Radio show. His words reveal that this time 2K showcase mode will run around the biggest superstar of WWE’s history: Stone Cold Steve Austin. To confirm the news he further added that he and Jim Ross have already done with the vocals recording.

During the interview in Live Radio show, Jerry Lawler said that he had been asked about his old broadcast partner many times, and now they are working together in this incredible WWE 2K16, in fact, he and J.R have done with the voice over for the game and 2k franchisee have incorporated a big Stone Cold Steve Austin Attitude Era section in this season for all the WWE game lovers and stone cold’s fans.

This news is mind-blowing for all the fans as Austin is the biggest superstar of WWE. The presence of Stone Cold Steve Austin will certainly please the fans and will let them wonder whether he will be back for Wrestle-Mania 32 next year.

Austin will be featured in an Attitude Era, and this increases the chance of inclusion of other super stars also. Last year season game was featured with John Cena vs. CM Punk and Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels. This indicates an inclusion of another showcase that might go together with Austin mode.

Source – What Culture

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order