WWE 2K16 Cover Prediction: Listed Top 10 Player

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Recently 2K asked fans to share desired wishlist at the official forum which confirms WWE 2K16 is in development. This also means 2K must be planning whom to feature on WWE 2K16 cover. So here we are sharing top 10 players who could be a good choice for WWE 2K16 cover. Our below list is based on latest WWE ranking.

WWE 2K16 Cover Prediction

Fans response is important for any game to success. So leave your thoughts in comment and share who should be on the cover alongwith a reason. Also gives a thumbs up to other ideas if you like it.

WWE 2K16 Cover Prediction:

Brock Lesnar:

Beating everyone to the ground is the American professional wrestler Brock Lesnar, who was formed a professional mixed martial artist (the most dangerous form of martial arts). The 37 year old man was born in Webster, South Dakota, United States. He stands at 1.91 m tall and up thrust the earth with 130 Kg, being his weight. After graduating from college, he signed with WWE in 2000. He finished his armature career as a two time winner of NJCAA All – American, two times NCAA All – American two times Big Ten Conference champion, and with a record of 105-5 in the 2000 NCAA heavyweight championship. In 2004 Brock left WWE for NFL. But at the end of 2005 Lesnar returned to WWE, and joined hands with the New Japan pro wrestling, where gained the IWGP heavyweight Championship. This man deserves to be at number one, he was master in disguised, whom people have now recognized. Being the number 1 ranking Brock Lesnar can be a good a choice of WWE 2K16 cover.

Roman Reigns:

Do you have words for Roman’s victory in the 2015 Royal Rumble Match? This man has proven himself a master of Marathon bout. This man who stands at 1.91 m of height was born on 25 May 1985 in Pensacola, Florida, United States. He is a former football player. This Hulk’s signature moves include Spear and Superman Punch which is far enough to knock you down to death! His hard work sparked his career with WWE Tag Team Champion, 2014 Slammy Award Winner for Superstar of 2014 and his new triumph the 2015 Royal Rumble in which his performance was aggressive and impressive.

Seth Rollins:

He started his career as an independent wrestler, and did not wasted any time in making an impact in the world of sports – entertainment. He became the First NXT Champion in August 2012 and joined hands with Dean Ambrose and Roman reigns to wreak havoc on the whole WWE. The massive muscular dude weighs 217 pounds and was born in Davenport, Iowa. His signature move being curbs Stomp. His career is highlighted with tags like WWE Tag Team Champion, 2014 Money in the Bank Ladder Match winner and NXT Champion. His power, his moves and his career history directly depict that he is no far from being at number 1.

Daniel Bryan:

Retaining his position on number 4 we have the bearded American wrestler Daniel Bryan.
The 33 years old, was born in Aberdeen, Washington, United states. This man has been 8 times world champion, having held the trophies of WWE Championship, WWE Heavyweight Championship three times And WWE World Heavyweight Championship once, one time winner of WWE United States Champion, PwG World Championship Twice, one time WWE tag Team champion, and lastly wXw world Heavyweight championship once. Are these not enough for him to be on the cover? Do not dare to say NO.

Dean Ambrose:

Losing his position from rank 5 we have Dean Ambrose. The winner of United States champion who weighs 225 pounds and is 6 ‘4’” tall. Dirty Deeds is his single signature Move. He is a dangerous man. What matters to Ambrose is his victory, nothing else. This man can sacrifice his blood and body to inflict utmost damage to his opponent as humanly possible. He likes violence; he likes dangers, his live life to feel alive, and a perfect combination for winner of such a fatal sport thus.

The Usos:

The twin brothers, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, fight as a team in the WWE and were born on 22 august 1985. Climbing up the charts from 8 to rank 7, the brothers are the current WWE Tag Team champions. The players were formally managed by Tamina Snuka and Naomi is managing them. They are two time WWE Tag Team Champions as well as FCW Tag Team Champions for one time. The deadly combination of brothers will soon climb up the charts battling whoever comes their way.

Bray Wyatt:

The superstar seems to have stepped from a collection of nightmares into reality. The superstar has only one message for his opponents, RUN! Recently, in the last 47 minutes from the 2015 Royal Rumble match, Wyatt emerged victorious against Dolph Zinggler on Raw. Sister Abigail is his signature step. The superstar weighs 285 pounds and is 6’3 ft. tall.


After only his first step, he became a strongest competitor on the roster. A highly touted member of the 2012 Olympic power lifting team, the monstrous athlete is all down in WWE to break anyone’s neck. The 138 kg athlete performs The Accolade as his signature step. United States Champion is one of his career highlights. Recently Rusev was among the final two competitors in the Royal Rumble Match 2015. The superstar athlete knows very well how to knock down his opponent.

John Cena:

Here is the most popular and the world’s best looking beast, hunk or whatever you may call him. Yes, he is no other than everyone’s favorite John Cena who was also featured on WWE 2K15 cover. John Cena has amassed many honors WWE World Heavyweight Champion, United States Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, 2012 Money In the Bank Ladder Match winner etc. The super cool and famous attitude adjustment is his signature move. The lad from west Newbury is 6’1 in height, and is all ready to thrown out anyone out of the arena.

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Nikki Bella:

The self admitted tomboy of WWE wanted is a professional soccer until any injury in her leg stopped her career. Since then she followed sister Brie’s into WWE. The female superstar is from San Diego, California and has won titles like Divas Champion, Diva of the year 2013 and total Divas Star. The female is all set to knock down anyone hindering her success.

Tell us in the comment who should be on WWE 2K16 cover and stay in touch for more news and updates on WWE 2K16.

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order