Michael Cole Talks About WWE 2k16 Commentary Improvement

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WWE commentator and the popular, Michael Cole, had recently given a speech at the performance center where he described about his responsibility in WWE 2K15 and also gave a brief touch on WWE 2K16. He is one of the renowned WWE commentators who will be continuing his commentary for the upcoming WWE 2K16. While the hints from Marcus Stephenson make clear that WWE 2K16 is in development since 2K, Michael Cole’s talk has brought about a great deal of excitement among the wrestling enthusiasts.

WWE 2k16 Commentary Improvement

While speaking about the commentary for 2K games generally, Michael Cole indicated that it remained fragile in the previous games. Typically, he used to obtain lines for commenting through the mail by the developers and that would be recorded in his own studio at home. But he informed that things changed with 2K15 as both Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole together along with another commentator have recorded their lines in a studio which is in the performance center. He told that they can able to deliver the same sort of chemistry as they would do in real-life.

He highlighted that the commentary lines they recorded for WWE 2K15 is likely to be doubled in WWE 2K16 where they have included a lot of engaging stuff to the commentary lines. Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole are not only recording commentary lines for the approaching WWE 2K15 DLC, rather they have already begun recording lines for WWE 2K16 as well in December. However, it must be noticed that Cole unveiled a new stuff about the yet-to-be announced and the next edition of the present, WWE 2K16. In terms of the game’s development, Cole discussed that his contribution towards WWE 2K16 is doubled and the team at 2K are working hard to incorporate a lot of interesting material to the game. So this clears one thing the game is still in the beginning stage of development.

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order