WWE 2K16 Coming For PC Platform?

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order

The 2K Games is currently thinking of porting WWE 2k16 to as many as platforms as possible. This time news is confirmed, which means WWE 2K16 might get introduced for PC version also. PC games always excite curiosity beacuse of its huge demand. It is this art of gaming strategy that generates curiosity among the players to play on who don’t own a console.

WWE 2K16 For PC

Bryce Yang, the 2K brand manager was recently interviewed by the Figure Four Online, a branch of the mass media. Through this interview it was clear that this time 2K is planning to launch WWE 2K16 for as many platform as possible so that lots of people can play the game. This means PC could be on the list for getting WWE 2K16.

The developer of the WWE 2K sports is the best selling franchise of the realistic wrestling games that was conceived in 2000. The next generation WWE 2K16 is most probably scheduled to be released in the month of October in the year 2015. This incredible game has to come up as the pivotal game as it has to come up a long way of success. Rumours regarding the game spread all over the cyber world.

The WWE Raw was the last major WWE game that was officially out for the PC. That game came out way back in 2002. However there are forums which buzz with the new specifications. The initial game play and the strategy of Smack down are to be released exclusively for the play stations. The authentication with that of the next generation graphics card should not look like their real life characters. They are made to act like those in the real life so that the same fun can be experienced here also. The sound system and also the characters seem to be like the ones in the real WWE show that was shown on TV. The WWE 2K16 needs to be enchanted to suit the high end graphics that is going to hit the next generation and so on. This time the commentators can hold the key as it excites the match with special effective sounds audible at higher volumes.

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WWE 2K16 Pre-Order