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WWE 2K16 Roster List

WWE 2K16 Official Roster List: Revealing Start

After a lot of leaks and rumor finally WWE 2K16 roster official revealation start on IGN. IGN will be revealing the largest roster of WWE 2K16 and also will be…

WWE 2K16 Roster Leaked

WWE 2K16 Full Roster Leaked On IGN

A recent video shared by IGN revealed the full roster of WWE 2K16. Undoubtedly everyone is waiting eagerly to see the entire official list of Superstars and Divas of new…

WWE 2K16 To Feature Largest Roster In History

WWE 2K16 To Feature Largest Roster In History: Officially Confirmed

Earlier it was a rumour, WWE 2K16 will feature largest roster in WWE video game history. But now this rumour has been officially confirmed by WWE 2K on twitter that…