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WWE 2K16 Pre-Order

Fans of WWE 2K would be happy to hear that the Community Manager of WWE Games, Marcus Stephenson made an official announcement stating that the WWE 2K feedback project has begun officially. A request has been made by the WWE Games Development Team, to the gamers to share a desired wishlist for the new version of the game, WWE 2K16. He wanted the fans to share their desired features in the new game, and also the features that they have liked or disliked previously. The website already has a list of individual topics laid out for the gamers to choose from- roster, new features, game-play and much more. You can go here and share your feedback.

WWE 2k16 Features

WWE 2K15 had received many controversial reviews from the media, and gained a lot of unsatisfied gamers. The gamers were unhappy because of some issues regarding the removal of features and handling of the Season Pass. The WWE 2K15 lacked several beneficial features according to many gamers. Some said that the previous version of the game did not allow the gamer to introduce and upload his or her choice of entrance music in the game. They also complained that one could not even produce a female wrestler on the PS4/Xbox One edition of the game. The attachment of Paige in the game was considered to be a poor move for the expense one had to bear for her.

WWE 2K is a chain of professional video games regarding wrestling, which is currently being developed by Visual Concepts and Yuke’s. WWE 2K is published by 2K Sports. These games in the series are founded on the professional wrestling promotion, WWE. They feature specialized wrestling match categories, plots and realistic characters worth playing with. The very first release of the game series was called ‘WWF Smack Down!’ in 2000. Along with the following titles, it remained exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation. But with the release of the 2004 game, ‘WWE Smack Down! Vs. Raw’, the series was renamed ‘Smack Down vs. Raw’ to include WWE’s other flagship television program- ‘Raw’. The original WWF ‘Smack Down!’ was one of the most fashionable games for the PlayStation console in 2000; over 975,000 units were sold for the PlayStation.

To post your recommendations for the WWE 2K16, you would simply need to register in the official website at ‘’. You can help improve the new version of the wrestling game by just logging into the website and posting your valuable comments. Every individual may have several diverse requirements from wrestling games and by achieving them, the gamer would be more than happy to move ahead with playing their beloved video game once the WWE 2K team improves the upcoming game considering the fans’ WWE 2K16 wishlist.

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order