Rosa Mendes Confirmed In WWE 2K16

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Rosa Mendes has recently confirmed that she will also play her role in the upcoming version of WWE Gaming WWE 2K16 whenever it will release later during this year. Mendes has given confirmation about this update on Twitter when one of the gaming fans asked her the question. She confirmed that she will be making her debut in WWE 2K16, later this year.

Rosa Mendes Confirmed In WWE 2K16 Tweet

However, it has remained unclear whether she will appear in a single game named as Fandango’s valet or a completely playable. On the other side, 2K update highlighted that she will be working towards the inclusion of the complete current roster. Most interestingly, the publisher of WWE 2K16 has plans to highlight the biggest ever roster in the upcoming series.

Other than this, Sasha Bank has often highlighted that she will also be part of the new game, along with other expected stars Eva, Emma, Alicia and lots more. Last, but not the least, fans will also expect the participation of few legendary characters in the game.

With all such updates it looks like WWE 2K16 will bring lots of fun and excitements. So stay in touch with us for more updates.

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