Nothing confirmed in WWE 2K16: Biggest Roster News is Photo-shopped

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Nothing confirmed in WWE 2K16Marc Stephenson, community manager of 2K WWE says nothing has been confirmed about WWE 2K16. He debunked all the rumors that were making round up including largest roster in WWE 2K16.

Recently, in the news it was reported that official 2K Games tweeted biggest roster to come in WWE 2K16. However, Marc Stephenson confirmed that this was just a rumour and nothing of that sort was tweeted by them. He further added that this was just a rumor must have been fake photoshopped.

The announcement of the game is expected to be made in the month of August 2015 and release expected in October. Until the WWE 2K16 comes out, it is not possible to know the size of the roster or the new feature in WWE 2K16. There are chances that the roster can further expand for any of the forthcoming or future proposed DLC.

Other rumored feature of WWE 2K16 includes Create-A-Finisher and few wrestlers, Rosa Mendes & Sasha Banks confirmed their participation in WWE 2K16. Stay tune with us as we bring more news on WWE 2K16.

WWE 2K16 Pre-Order