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In past few weeks, King Moe, a user of YouTube has shared large numbers of interesting features associated with WWE 2K16 game scheduled to launch later this year in the month of October. Some of the features we have already shared on the site but now we are sharing all features.
WWE 2K16 Features Rumored

WWE 2K16 Features Rumor:

Feature 1: WWE 2K16 – New Stamina Tier Animations

King Moe revealed in front of other people with the help of his social media account that 2K is prepared to work over different types of animations for few common moves. In this way, it will play with almost all stamina tie animations, which you currently watch during any match. He said that despite he observed the same thing in 2K15 version; this time animations will be relatively more dynamic towards the level of stamina you left.

For instance, 2K motion capture possesses 3 different variations of a common choke slam animation, where the first one is of full stamina or standard animation i.e. different from 2nd and 3rd ones. Here, second one will highlight as choke slam highlighting early signs of tiredness and fatigue as well as exertion, while the 3rd animated figure revealing the superstar as barely able to hit any maneuver and transitioning towards one or both knees smoothly.

Feature 2: WWE 2K16 – 3 New Superstars Confirmed

Damien Mizdow or Sandow recently highlighted in his interview that he would be a part of the talented superstars in the WWE 2K16 series. In fact, he will have his sessions for participating in the thrilling motion capture feature of the upcoming WWE game. Even he revealed in the media about 3 three new superstars and at the same time prescribed about his ways of motion capturing entrances of Randy as well as finisher reversals.

Feature 3: BIG Create Mode Confirmed to Return

Indy Wrestler as Chase Stevens will be a significant part of the motion capture in WWE 2K16 game. He recently conducted a Q&A session over his social media account and, thereby, confirmed about Create A Finisher, which will return in the 2015 WWE 2K gaming series. Moreover, he said that Indy Wrestler with his fellows have already performed various eye-catching animations for the mode.

Other than this, King Moe in his You Tube video revealed the activities of wrestlers, according to which the entire team of wrestlers or superstars are capturing about hundreds of different moves in one day. In fact, the team will motion capture almost everything, along with special DLC moves until the month of October 2015.

Feature 4: New Weapons and Improvement in Animation

WWE 2K is now seeking towards alteration in the physics of various weapons and corresponding influence in their usages. From the YouTube Video, we have seen a special Kendo stick added to the already existing weapons list of the game. This year, gaming communities re-animated the stick weapon to bring far more excitements in between fans.

If an individual attacks with this weapon, opponent will react towards the correct limb that you hit. In addition, you will also find new animations of other weapons, like steel chairs and steel steps. In fact, 2K has already started putting its efforts to introduce unique animations for attacks with the help of a chair, over the apron, inside any corner and turnbuckle and various others.

In addition, the gaming community has the plan for expansion of things, which people can do by using steel chair, like con chair to inside the ring with the tagged team partner, which would likely be the OMG moment of tagged team.

Feature 5: New Body Scan Technology

In the next WWE2K16 version, fans will observe the complete new body scan technology in real action. The new WWE 2K16 version will use and offer the highest possible authentic looks of WWE Superstars and capture their actual texture of skin and tattoos. The scanning technique for the upcoming version will be different from 2K15, in which 2K only scanned wrestlers from the top portion of their heads up to the base of their necks.

As per the videos of King Moe reveal the scan of various minor models, like GMs and coaches. In case they have adequate time as well as space, gaming developers will do the same in combination with the biggest possible roster. Even many enthusiasts have assumed that the entire roster will undergo a scanning process in the game of WWE 2K16. 2K is applying the technology for the exclusive NBA 2K16.

Feature 6: New Championship and Manager Animations

Gaming fans will get the opportunity to view various brand new championships winning animations for both divas and superstars. Other than this, WWE 2K16 game will incorporate different types of championship retaining or winning animations depending on whether the individuals select for a heel or a face.

Emotion is an important thing, which 2K is attempting to capture with the help of championship animations, particularly in those, which are available for crowning of new champions. If you look over the shared video of King Moe, you will likely be able to know that the game will possess emotions in every stage, i.e. before, ongoing and after the completion of any match or tournament.

Feature 7: Create-a-diva Returning Back In WWE 2K16

According to the updates obtained King Moe’s video related to WWE 2K16 current developments, large numbers of previous WWE superstars will become the significant part of the entire procedure. These are Indy divas or superstars named Colt Cabana and Trent Baretta possessing varying weight classes and abilities to fight. The video also revealed that 2K is looking to attempt to bring back its female demographic of players in WWE 2K16.

The above all features are rumored and cannot be consider as confirmed until WWE 2K16 gets officially announced. But still the user KingMoe has given lots of proof and hints to believe in it. Stay tune with us for more updates on the game.

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