Largest Roster Ever To Come In WWE 2K16: Confirmed

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WWE 2K official twitter account recently confirmed to one of the WWE gaming fans that its upcoming gaming version will have the biggest possible roster. By highlighting about the largest of the WWE roster, we are sure to view some big changes in upcoming WWE 2K16 game.

Largest Roster To Come In WWE 2K16

RayDGBL on twitter asked official, “@WWEgames 2k16 featuring the largest roster of all time?.” In response @WWEgames replied, “correct” confirming largest roster ever to come in upcoming version WWE 2K16.

Alongwith this Chase Stevens also shared few of the interesting tweets related to the motion capture. He is performing this activity on behalf of the entire 2K gaming community involved in launch of WWE. It appears in front of people that 2K has chosen to perform motion capture activity from the scratch.

This statement implies that everything, which an individual observed in the WWE 2K15, i.e. in the last version will undergo drastic changes. Chase Stevens also promises that he will give more and more details via Facebook updates and Tweets about the details, over which gaming community and designers are working on until the final arrival of WWE 2K16 most probably in October 2015.

Stevens also shared about the way, by which they obtain the motion capture. For this, he described about the swinging process of a sledgehammer across for the duration of about 5 hours. In fact, he shared about the ring’s screenshot in a different manner, where the entire team was filming for various chair shots. Overall, Stevens and his other members of the team had motion capture for 12 days, i.e. spreading across the interval of two weeks.

WWE 2K16 Motion Capture Image

Meanwhile, WWE fans expected for the inclusion of countless exciting features into the existing game. Large numbers of enthusiasts have recommended for the addition of Create a Finisher feature, about which highlights obtained from the question and answer session conducted by Chase Stevens in his own Facebook page.

WWE 2K16 To Feature Create A Finisher Mode FB Discussion

Other than this, one fan wants to incorporate special character named as Stephanie McMohan that too in her SummerSlam special dress.

Tell us in the comments what changes you expect in WWE 2K16 roster. Also stay tune with us for more updates.

Source – @WWEGames, Chase Stevens Facebook

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