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WWE 2K16 new features, ideas, wishlist and comparison.

WWE 2K16 To Feature Create A Finisher Mode FB Discussion

WWE 2K16 Might Feature Create A Finisher

This time, one of the independent wrestlers performed a suitable type of motion capture task for the upcoming game WWE 2K16. The wrestler’s job has given a hint that the…

WWE 2K16 Cover Prediction

WWE 2K16 Cover Prediction: Listed Top 10 Player

Recently 2K asked fans to share desired wishlist at the official forum which confirms WWE 2K16 is in development. This also means 2K must be planning whom to feature on…

WWE 2K16 Moves

WWE 2K16 Moves Wishlist Shared At Official 2K Forum

The WWE 2K16 moves which we are going to share below are actually shared at the official WWE 2K forum. Fans have shared huge list of moves but here we…